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Author : Ann Kovalchick and Kara Dawson
ISBN : 9781576073513
Year of Publication : December 2003

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This two-volume encyclopedia presents over 200 entries that highlight the ways in which educational and communication practices shape our uses of technology.

From the hand-cranked mimeograph to digital video, educators have touted each technological advance as the key to improving education. Yet often our students seem no better educated today than they were in the days of ink wells and feather pens. How can we use technology to achieve real gains in student performance?

In this new encyclopedia, the only book on educational technology designed for the nonexpert, scholars in the field describe, in jargon-free terms, how educational practices have shaped our uses of technology—and vice versa. They discuss the traditions that are the core knowledge base of the field along with the theoretical, commercial, and social perspectives. In a variety of educational contexts—kindergarten through postsecondary education, corporate and industrial training, and distance education—they evaluate the latest technologies and products. Most importantly, they provide clear insights into educational technologies both as delivery systems (two-way microwave video, for example) and as content design strategies (like web-based instruction).


  • Covers contemporary topics such as web-based instruction and ebooks
  • Includes screen shots of interfaces and web pages, and includes graphic diagrams of instructional models, network schemes, and cognitive processes
  • Features a glossary of terms that define specific technologies mentioned in entries
  • Provides cross-referenced entries and authoritative citations


  • Provides diverse points of view from those who create, use, and critique instructional technology in K–12, industry, and higher education
  • Presents educational technologies as both a delivery system and a content design strategy
Product Info
Author : Ann Kovalchick and Kara Dawson
ISBN : 9781576073513
Year of Publication : December 2003
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