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Author : Debashis Sarkar, Kazi MB Rahim and Sibranjan Mishr
ISBN : 8186772014

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Contents: 1. Introduction; Chapter 2. Floriculture in Indian Perspective and Global View of Flower Export; Chapter 3. Agro-economic Characteristics of the Sample District and Sample blocks; Chapter 4. Techno-organisational Characteristics of Flower Farming in West Bengal; Chapter 5. Economics of Flower Cultivation; Chapter 6. System and Structure of Marketing of Flowers; Chapter 7. Constraints of Farming of Flowers; Chapter 8. Export Performance of Floriculture: A Critical Look; Summary and Conclusion. The Book Examines ThePresent Strategy Of The Floriculture Crops, Economics Of Production Of The Commodity,Marketing Channels, The Constraints In Its Production And Explains Basic Features OfExport-Trade Of This Crop. The Book Is Useful For Agricultural Institutions, EconomicDepartments And Institutes/Individuals Dealing In Trade And Export Of Flowers. The Covered Chapters Are: Introduction, Floriculture In Indian Perspective And Global ViewOf Flower Export, Agro-Economic Characteristics Of The Sample District And SampleBlocks, Techno-Organisational Characteristics Of Flower Farming In West Bengal,Economics Of Flower Cultivation, System And Structure Of Marketing Of Flowers, Constraints Of Farming Of Flowers, Export Performance Of Floriculture-A Critical LookSummary And Conclusion

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Author : Debashis Sarkar, Kazi MB Rahim and Sibranjan Mishr
ISBN : 8186772014

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